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A Day in the Life of My Spoiled Dog

Today, Miss Minnie helped me pack Christmas gifts for the other 4 dogs in our family.

We rode to the store together, bought some food with our special coupons and got some toys too.

We also stopped at Dollar Tree to grab sandwich baggies and adhesive tape and then went home.

We used small priority boxes from the  post office cause they're easy to assemble and they are free! We opened the bigger snack bags and filled sandwich baggies to put in each gift box.

Minnie especially liked the "treat-tasting" part. If she left it on the floor it was a definite NO;  if she nibbled, it was OK, and if she scarfed it down, it was GRRRREAT!

Then Minnie took a bath and after being fluffed and towel dried, she performed her usual running in circles and rubbing her face all over the place!

After dinner, she sat next to me on the couch so I can pet her. She knows my schedule pretty well and by now she was winding down and getting ready for mommy's bed!

All in all, we had a good day of shopping, snacking, bathing and relaxing together.

So when people say "it's a dog's life," it no longer means the hard life of the street dog---sleeping in a damp alley, chasing rats and other pests, digging through trash, living on scraps, and not knowing what tomorrow will bring...!

*NOTE: spent $28 at Pet Supermarket with 3 coupons amounting in $11 discount!

P.S. Terra's box is a little on the lean side because she is diabetic and can only have very few treats, but loves small squeaky toys!



1. Cardiovascular Health:
Pecans are rich in fiber which boosts the health of your heart by reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and preventing some forms of cancer. It also contains monounsaturated fats like oleic acid along with phenolic antioxidants that are healthy for your heart and help prevent coronary artery disease and strokes. As per research, pecans may help prevent coronary heart disease by inhibiting unwanted oxidation of blood lipids.

2. Digestive Health:
The fiber contained in pecans promotes colon health and facilitates regular bowel movements. It enables the colon to work at greater levels of efficiency by cleaning out the gastrointestinal system. Besides, it prevents constipation and reduces the risk of colitis, colon cancer and hemorrhoids.

3. Helps in Weight Loss:
Research has indicated that a diet comprising of nuts such as pecans helps in losing weight. This is because nut consumption enhances satiety and increases metabolism.

4. Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer:
Pecans contain oleic acid, a fatty acid which has been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

5. Bone and Teeth Health:
Phosphorus is one of the most abundant minerals in the body after calcium. Nearly 85% of phosphorus is found in bones and teeth while the other 15% is found in cells and tissues. Besides cleansing the waste from the body, phosphorus, along with calcium, promotes the health of your bones and teeth. This mineral is also vital for the growth and repair of cells and tissues as well as production of DNA and RNA. Lastly, it prevents muscle pain that can occur due to exercising.

6. Anti-inflammatory Benefits:
Pecans are rich in magnesium which is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies have proved that increased magnesium intake reduces inflammatory indicators in the body such as CRP (C-reactive protein), TNF (tumor necrosis factor alpha) and IL6 (interlukin 6). It also reduces inflammation in the arterial walls, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other inflammatory ailments.

7. Reduces Blood Pressure:
Magnesium in pecans has been shown to help lower blood pressure. Though pecans cannot cure hypertension, they do help lower it.

8. Reduces the Risk of Stroke:
Studies have proved that consuming 100 milligrams of magnesium per day reduces the risk of stroke by 9%. Pecan being a good source of magnesium can form part of your diet to reap this benefit.

9. Anti-cancer Properties:
Pecans are rich in phytochemical substances such as polyphenolic antioxidant ellagic acid, vitamin E, beta-carotene, lutein and zea-xanthin. These compounds play an important role in removing toxic oxygen-free radicals, thus protecting your body from diseases, cancer and infections. Ellagic acid possesses anti-proliferative properties which inhibit DNA binding of certain carcinogens such as nitrosamines and polycyclic hydrocarbons, thus protecting the human body from cancers.

10. Strengthens the Immune System:
Pecans are a rich source of manganese which is a powerful antioxidant. This trace mineral helps boost your immunity and protects your nerve cells from free-radical damage. Adequate intake of manganese is vital for nerve conduction and brain function.

* Skin Benefits of Pecans:
Pecans, like most other nuts, are rich in nutrients like zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, folate and phosphorus, which play an important role in maintaining good skin. The various benefits of pecans for skin are as follows:

11. Prevents Skin Problems:
The outside appearance of our skin depends upon how we treat it from the inside. Thus, adequate nutrition is inevitable for maintaining a healthy skin and preventing skin problems. The toxins inside your body can make your skin suffer by causing breakouts, dullness and excess oil. Pecans are a good source of fiber which can do wonders for your health and hence, for your skin. It aids in the elimination of toxins and waste from the body, thereby improving the appearance of your skin.

12. Helps Maintain Clear Complexion:
Pecans contain zinc which helps in maintaining skin health by guarding against infections. Vitamin A on the other hand is an antioxidant which gives you a clear complexion.

13. Anti-aging Benefits:
Pecans contain numerous antioxidants including ellagic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E. These antioxidants fight and eliminate the free radicals which are responsible for causing premature skin aging. Thus, pecans can prevent the occurrence of signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Just like our skin, healthy hair is also a reflection of a healthy body. Thus, our hair follicles require adequate supply of vital nutrients to maintain their health and prevent hair problems. The nutritional value of pecans makes them beneficial for your hair.

14. Stimulates Hair Growth:
Pecans are an excellent source of L-arginine, an amino acid which, when applied topically helps treat male pattern baldness as well as encourage the growth of healthy hair. Vibrant blood flow throughout the body and to the hair roots is vital for healthy hair growth and scalp. L-arginine is beneficial in this regard as it improves the health of the artery walls by making them more flexible and less prone to blood clots which can block the flow of blood.

15. Prevents Hair Loss:
Anemia is one of the common causes of hair loss. It is caused by iron deficiency in the blood. Pecans, being a good source of iron, can be included in your diet to improve your blood iron levels and hence, combat hair loss.

     *just 19 halves (1 oz.) will give you:

Amount Per 
Calories 196
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 20 g30%
Saturated fat 1.8 g9%
Polyunsaturated fat 6 g
Monounsaturated fat 12 g
Cholesterol 0 mg0%
Sodium 0 mg0%
Potassium 116 mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 3.9 g1%
Dietary fiber 2.7 g10%
Sugar 1.1 g
Protein 2.6 g5%
Vitamin A0%Vitamin C0%
Vitamin D0%Vitamin B-65%
Vitamin B-120%Magnesium8%


Graphic Tees


Rescue Puppies

I had the pleasure of helping find homes for these sweet little babies!
They were a little scared and shy and through up in the box, but I cleaned them up with a wet towel, and I pet them and told them they were good babies.
I placed them in a clean box with a large bath towel and a cup of water and their new mommy took them to her house!
Helping rescue puppies is so fulfilling. I love taking care of them and I wish I could do this work on a more regular basis.


My Dehydrator Machine

Wash your fruit and pat dry. Peel the rinds if you don't want a leathery chew when you bite into it.

Cut fruit in rounds at about 1/4" thickness. Don't overlap pieces in the trays.

Place the fruit that will take longer at the bottom, closest to the heating element.

Check your time chart. If you have a variety of fruit in the trays, rotate them at half time (after 5-6 hours!)

Don't dehydrate end pieces and don't mix fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't want my pineapples smelling like jalapeños!

If your fruit is sticky or messy, it's not done dehydrating! It must be completely done before you can store it or it will mold fairly quickly. 

*NOTE--if you don't want your apples or bananas turning brown, dip them in lemon juice for 2 minutes before place on the trays!


Loving Pets Dog Treats Recall

What’s Recalled?

The recalled products and lot numbers include:
  • Loving Pets Barksters
  • Item #5700 Sweet Potato and Chicken
  • UPC 842982057005
  • Lot # 021619
  • Loving Pets Barksters
  • Item #5705 Brown Rice and Chicken
  • UPC 842982057050
  • Lot 021419
  • Loving Pets Puffsters Snack Chips
  • Item #5100 Apple and Chicken
  • UPC 842982051003
  • Lot 051219, 112118, 112918, 012719, 012519, 013019
  • Loving Pets Puffsters Snack Chips
  • Item #5110 Banana and Chicken
  • UPC 842982051102
  • Lot 112218, 112818, 112918, 013119
  • Loving Pets Puffsters Snack Chips
  • Item #5120 Sweet Potato and Chicken
  • UPC 842982051201
  • Lot 112818, 020119
  • Loving Pets Puffsters Snack Chips
  • Item #5130 Cranberry and Chicken
  • UPC 842982051300
  • Lot 020319, 112918, 020219
  • Whole Hearted
  • Item #2570314 Chicken and Apple Puff Treats
  • UPC 800443220696
  • Lot 121418, 121918, 122318, 010419, 010619, 010519
No illnesses, injuries or complaints have been reported.


Blood Pressure Apps are not Accurate!

Most people using smartphones already have a fitness app of some kind that came preloaded on their phone.

Like me, we've all used these apps to count our calories, the number of steps we've walked and check our heart rate.

What's left unsaid is that these apps should never be used to the exclusion of actual medical devices that help you monitor your health and should never be relied on to take medications based on the results given by the apps!

I've downloaded several "health" apps and tested them and have found a huge inconsistency that can mislead people into thinking their medication isn't working...

Upon doing some online research, I found an article that addresses this very problem! In fact, the FTC was involved because a particular Blood Pressure app claimed to read and monitor blood pressure accurately.
This claim can have devastating effects on people who take medications and rely on these apps to track their progress.

"Do not rely on Instant Blood Pressure for medical advice or diagnosis."

The article went on to say that such results are estimates only and that self-diagnosis can result in deterioration of health.

In a news report by CNBC in 2016, Dr. Beverly Greene from Seattle stated that "the cuff compresses the arteries and measures the amount of pressure the heart needs to get blood out to the arteries and the pressure of the arteries when the heart is relaxed," which clearly indicates the need for a BP cuff to get an accurate reading. 

So In the meantime, I've contacted Google Play Store about these apps and have asked them to obligate the developers of such apps to clearly mark them "FOR  ENTERTAINMENT  ONLY". 

BP results change within
3 minutes and registering 
high numbers!

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