A Day in the Life of My Spoiled Dog

Today, Miss Minnie helped me pack Christmas gifts for the other 4 dogs in our family.

We rode to the store together, bought some food with our special coupons and got some toys too.

We also stopped at Dollar Tree to grab sandwich baggies and adhesive tape and then went home.

We used small priority boxes from the  post office cause they're easy to assemble and they are free! We opened the bigger snack bags and filled sandwich baggies to put in each gift box.

Minnie especially liked the "treat-tasting" part. If she left it on the floor it was a definite NO;  if she nibbled, it was OK, and if she scarfed it down, it was GRRRREAT!

Then Minnie took a bath and after being fluffed and towel dried, she performed her usual running in circles and rubbing her face all over the place!

After dinner, she sat next to me on the couch so I can pet her. She knows my schedule pretty well and by now she was winding down and getting ready for mommy's bed!

All in all, we had a good day of shopping, snacking, bathing and relaxing together.

So when people say "it's a dog's life," it no longer means the hard life of the street dog---sleeping in a damp alley, chasing rats and other pests, digging through trash, living on scraps, and not knowing what tomorrow will bring...!

*NOTE: spent $28 at Pet Supermarket with 3 coupons amounting in $11 discount!

P.S. Terra's box is a little on the lean side because she is diabetic and can only have very few treats, but loves small squeaky toys!


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