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My Dehydrator Machine

Wash your fruit and pat dry. Peel the rinds if you don't want a leathery chew when you bite into it.

Cut fruit in rounds at about 1/4" thickness. Don't overlap pieces in the trays.

Place the fruit that will take longer at the bottom, closest to the heating element.

Check your time chart. If you have a variety of fruit in the trays, rotate them at half time (after 5-6 hours!)

Don't dehydrate end pieces and don't mix fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't want my pineapples smelling like jalapeños!

If your fruit is sticky or messy, it's not done dehydrating! It must be completely done before you can store it or it will mold fairly quickly. 

*NOTE--if you don't want your apples or bananas turning brown, dip them in lemon juice for 2 minutes before place on the trays!


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