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Blood Pressure Apps are not Accurate!

Most people using smartphones already have a fitness app of some kind that came preloaded on their phone.

Like me, we've all used these apps to count our calories, the number of steps we've walked and check our heart rate.

What's left unsaid is that these apps should never be used to the exclusion of actual medical devices that help you monitor your health and should never be relied on to take medications based on the results given by the apps!

I've downloaded several "health" apps and tested them and have found a huge inconsistency that can mislead people into thinking their medication isn't working...

Upon doing some online research, I found an article that addresses this very problem! In fact, the FTC was involved because a particular Blood Pressure app claimed to read and monitor blood pressure accurately.
This claim can have devastating effects on people who take medications and rely on these apps to track their progress.

"Do not rely on Instant Blood Pressure for medical advice or diagnosis."

The article went on to say that such results are estimates only and that self-diagnosis can result in deterioration of health.

In a news report by CNBC in 2016, Dr. Beverly Greene from Seattle stated that "the cuff compresses the arteries and measures the amount of pressure the heart needs to get blood out to the arteries and the pressure of the arteries when the heart is relaxed," which clearly indicates the need for a BP cuff to get an accurate reading. 

So In the meantime, I've contacted Google Play Store about these apps and have asked them to obligate the developers of such apps to clearly mark them "FOR  ENTERTAINMENT  ONLY". 

BP results change within
3 minutes and registering 
high numbers!

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