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Scrapbooking, Then and Now!

Twenty-five years ago, I was totally obsessed with stencils, stickers and doodling. It was a form of art without having any real artistic capabilities!

I remember finding Mrs. Grossman stickers which were the first to advertise that they were acid & lignin free!

When I investigated the importance of this statement, I found out that a very recent fad called "scrapbooking", was teaching people to preserve their precious memories by avoiding the acid and lignin found in glue sticks, markers, pens, stickers, tape and even in photo albums because they fade the photographs!

Needless to say, I was hooked on scrapbooking and even went to several scrap parties and had my own supplies and carrying case.

What I didn’t realize was that in the distant future, digital photography would be invented and everything would be on computers or online. But that didn't stop me from continuing to enjoy my stickers and doodling...!

Today, I use several Android apps that offer ready-made themes, frames and stickers for decorating digital photos. I've also been using a few photo editing software programs that allow a greater amount of manipulation and altering including pixel shaving, object erasing, blending & merging, and animation!

Below are a few examples and the programs used to create them. 


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