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Grooming at Home

When we rescued little Miss Minnie, we didn’t know very much about her, not even her real age.

She was scrawny, skinny, underdeveloped but had a lively and trusting personality.

The 1st few days she slept in a laundry basket with a pillow and baby blankie. And she ate like she hadn't seen food in forever!

She quickly learned to go out in the yard to do her business and seemed to understand most of my instructions immediately.

Soon she bloomed into a beautiful little terrier with cute bushy fur and I took it upon myself to groom her at home.

I was so amazed at her level of trust and patience. She sat as still as she could and let me trim her facial hair with scissors. After the head and ears were done, I combed her and decided to trim the neck and chest and before I knew it, she looked like a teeny tiny version of herself!

After the bath she ran around the house in hyper-mode, running up and down and chasing her tail. I've discovered that bathing makes her excitable.

I always give her a treat after every bath and invite her up on "mommy's bed" as her reward for being the vert best little doggy ever!


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