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Diabetes in Dogs

Last July my dog Terra began having symptoms of lethargy, weakness in the legs, excessive thirst and at times confusion.

We had relatives come in from overseas, so our normal daily routine was changed up a bit and didn't notice our dog having these problems.

At some point I thought Terra was overwhelmed by my rambunctious nephew because she seemed introverted and a little tired...

One day after returning from a long weekend of activities, I noticed Terra bumping into chairs and walls and her back legs could barely hold her up.

Needless to say, I totally freaked out and I scooped her up in my arms and drove her to the vet down the street.

The verdict was in... Terra was a diabetic and worst of all, she was blind!!! (see her eyes in last photo)

I panicked, my hands started to shake and I cried a little because I didn't want anyone to tell me I had to put her to sleep.

Fortunately, the vet reassured me that with proper diet and steady insulin dosage Terra could regain her strength and live well for the rest of her life.

We had to let her stay at the animal clinic for a few days to get fluids and diarrhea under control. Her glucose level was almost 900--- it's a wonder she didn't go into a coma!

After we brought her home, the fun part was learning how to administer the insulin shot. I got it done a few times but she growled and hissed and bit me twice.

Then I discovered the auto-injector which was a life saver for us and a lot easier on Terra. No pinching and pulling her fur, no anxiety and vicious behavior, no getting bit and most importantly no missing the injection site. When a dog squirms while trying to get the needle in, you're not too sure if the entire dose was delivered or if some of it leaked out during the scuffle.

It's been 7 months now and Terra is doing much better. She has become accustomed to her new Prescription Diet by Science Hill, knows the time of day the shots are due and has memorized the layout of the entire house and backyard.

She is a remarkable dog and I've learned a lot about perseverance. It was her that was by my side when I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and couldn't get out of bed, and now I'm loving her back and letting her know how grateful I am to have her in my life ♡


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