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Electric Smoker & Food Saver

We started with 5 Boston butts and 5 turkeys in the deep freezer, so the thawing process took an entire day.

We placed two large bins with water outside and submerged the meets and changed the water every 2 hours.

When the meat was ready, we prepped and dressed the 45 lbs of turkey and 49 lbs of pork and started up the smoker.

Our spices included garlic, cajun, and old bay. The wood chips in the burner were hickory and apple!

After 15 hours of smoking, we pulled the trays out and let the meats cool for about 2 hours. During this period, the meat was doused in apple juice.

When meats were cooled, we began the shredding process (pulling apart, removing bones and fat).

We separated the meat in 1.5 lb portions and used the Foodsaver to vacuum seal the meat.

We dated the meat packets with a sharpie because we use the FIFO system in our freezer.

Now we have enough meals for the whole month and enough to give to family!

It was hard work prepping, cooking, cleaning and packaging all that food but it was worth every minute!


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