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Eggs Benedict (my way)

There's no egg separation, no poaching and no blending!

I fry up some eggs in OLIVE OIL with a hint of oregano and garlic powder. Turn the eggs over only for a few moments, cause I don't want them too runny.

After eggs come out of skillet, I brown a few pieces of ham just enough to give it flavor.

While toasting English muffins on low, I melt some butter and use a packet of McCormick Hollandaise sauce. (Yes, I cheat, but it's fast and tastes good).
I whisk it in sauce pan according to cooking instructions and I'm done!

To assemble the Eggs Benedict, pour 1 tbsp of hollandaise sauce in the bottom of plate, then place toasted English muffins on top. Add the ham and choice of cheese (mine is provolone!) Add single egg on top and drench with plenty of sauce. Add black pepper!

Prep time about 20 minutes! YUM!


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