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How To Get Your Facebook RSS Feed on Your Website

Get your Facebook Status exported to RSS! Instead of having to find out your FB id for your page and then register it on ATOM or other service, just give FB RSS permission on Facebook and it will generate all the information you need! You'll be able to use this on your blog or website too!

Facebook RSS feeds come in two parts: the base URL and the page specifier.
The base URL for a page looks like this:

The part after the &id=
is where you put the page specifier, the Page ID number. The Page ID number is not the page's name. In other words, the name of my ResearchBuzz fan page is ResearchBuzzNews, but that's not the ID number; if I tried to use this URL:

I would just get the Facebook home page.

Finding the ID number
To easily find the Page ID number for a single page, go to http://findmyfacebookid.com/. Enter the URL of a Page, and it'll return you a long number.


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