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Same Great Results As “NeatDesk” for Free

If you’re anything like me, you probably have every kind of paper in the universe stuffed in all the drawers of your house, with the hope to file it away some day…only that day never comes!
I have a double drawer filing cabinet with folders to keep my monthly bills but there’s so much paper junk I accumulate on a weekly basis, I just can’t remember which ones I mean to keep and which ones were suppose to end up in the trash.

Then I saw the TV commercial for NeatDesk, the special scanner that digitizes all forms of paper and keeps them organized in a “neat” indexed archive on your computer or laptop.

In my estimation this was the gadget I’ve been waiting for to help me get rid of the frustrating clutter that’s been taking over my life!
I really considered getting this for Christmas, so went online to look at product reviews & compare prices. I really liked everything about it… except the $350 price tag!

Halfway through my disappointment, I clicked on an ad in the sidebar and ended up on Google’s Play App store.

Before I knew it I was looking at applications that help organize & store all kinds of “paper junk” including receipts, coupons, sales ads, to-do lists, business cards, doctors’ bill, recipes, cancelled checks--- just about anything that may prove useful at a later date!

camScanner  CamScanner by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd

This app is incredible! It uses your camera to scan your document and store it on your device.
Your choice of scanning as an image or PDF file with ability to store by category & tags.
Works on phones & tablets and if you’re scanning business cards it can import the info into your contacts! Allows for cloud storage and syncing with other devices. This app has been downloaded by 60 million users and is FREE!

Screenshot of medical alert card for St. Jude’s Aortic Valve replacement

On the importance of having digital portable documents available to you at all times!
***A few years ago a devastating tornado ripped through our town leaving thousands homeless. After FEMA came in to assess damages  & pay homeowners insurance, there were many who couldn’t prove their identity, let alone their  ownership of a house! If these critical documents had been scanned & stored somewhere outside their home, they would’ve had instant access and immediate relief after the disaster.

***Two summers ago my husband was suddenly admitted to the hospital while away on business in another state. They had no idea he was allergic to Morphine or that he was diabetic and on blood thinners. Luckily, I had already scanned & stored all of his meds & health summary on my phone for quick reference. When I gave this info to the ER nurses, they were able to better care for my husband without missing any of the life sustaining meds he was already on!


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