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Why is my smartphone draining so fast?

When you finally take the leap to upgrading your cell phone to a smartphone, you will also have to upgrade your vocabulary & your tech knowledge!

Sure that’s scary a thought, but you can do it and you owe it to yourself to be on top of everything even if at first it seems like an enormous challenge.

So you get your new toy, you play around with it to learn how it works. Then you customize it to your liking. You download a few things, play a game and sync your online accounts and your smartphone is ready to go! Great!

But one thing you hadn’t counted on was your battery draining by lunch time!!!

Here’s 5 quick & easy ways to get more life out of your battery:

1. When you’re not using your smartphone, turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and your GPS. These settings drain power very quickly. Also, use Silent not Vibrate for a quiet ringtone.

servicesOff2. Set your Sync for longer intervals. Your e-mail, weather & social networks apps are constantly refreshing in the background even when the screen if off! Change your sync to update every 2 or more hours.

3. Make sure you actually “exit” each application after you’re done using it. Going back to the Home Screen does not turn apps off. Example: when you’re playing an online game or listening to I Heart Radio, go back and close them out completely when you’re done so they won’t keep running in the background.


4. Turn off your Notifications. You don’t need to know every 5 minutes if someone Tweeted you or if your Hangman buddy just took a turn.

5. Adjust the Brightness on your screen to “auto” to shorten the backlight intervals. This setting also allows the device to choose how much brightness is necessary for optimal usage.


*based on my usage of an Android device*


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