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Make Your Vacation More Greener - by RecycleBank

1. Do your research up front. Read up on environmental, political, and social issues in destinations you’re considering. Guidebooks that offer this kind of information include Lonely Planet and Rough Guides.

2. Book with travel companies specializing in sustainable tourism. Green tours may make a bigger dent in your wallet (they can cost up to 20 percent more), but you’ll 
be doing your part to preserve the planet’s beautiful wild places as well as its cultural hotspots.

3. Stay in a green hotel that not only promotes energy- and water-conservation, but also offers guests a variety of eco-friendly amenities, including organic cotton sheets and gourmet meals made with locally grown ingredients.

4. Respect the natural environment. Whether you’re in a city park or hiking the Himalayas, refrain from touching or harassing animals, leave plants and other natural features as you found them, and dispose of waste responsibly.

5. Buy sustainable souvenirs. Avoid crafts, clothing, and other items that were derived from protected or endangered animal species. Likewise, buy locally made items that support the people who live nearby, as well as local green organizations. Longdistance shipping of products burns fossil fuels and contributes pollutants to the atmosphere.

6. Frequent local businesses. This includes eating in local restaurants, shopping at local 
markets, attending local events, and using local buses, car rental companies, and tour 

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