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Where to Find Free Stuff, Samples, Trial Sizes

There are many legit sites you can visit to get FREE samples of products you like or wish to try. One of my favorites is the Woman Freebies.

***Always use caution and never give your home address or other personal information if you don't trust the website or the source. If you click on a link but "re-directs" you to a different site, DON'T GO!

Coupon & Freebie sites do not require credit card information! They will ask for your email for subscription purposes, and ONLY the manufacturer for the sample you are requesting will ask for your mailing address to send you the item.  (i.e. you click on a sample for Dove Hair Conditioner, the link should take you to the official Dove website, not to any other place!)

Here are a couple more to get you started!


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