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Tuscaloosa's One Year Anniversary After Tornado

Last year on April 27, we had a horrifying event... An EF-4 tornado swept through our city and destroyed 6 miles of homes, stores and other building killing 53 people. 

This year Tuscaloosa will have several public & private memorials to pay tribute to those who were lost in the storm and the honor the heroes who helped in the recovery process.

The  Community Memorial Service will take place o April 27 at the Coleman Coliseum at 5 p.m. It's open to everyone and parking will be available at the soccer field.

Another event relating to this deadly tornado will take place on April 23 at two Piggly Wiggly locations in Tuscaloosa, at 10 a.m. (University Blvd & Greensboro Ave). City officials & reps from a variety of companies will be distributing weather radios and you will also have a chance to see Chief Meteorologist James Spann who will also be there to talk about the significance of being prepared for a disaster.

Tuscaloosa City Schools will also pay tribute by hosting the 3R's (Recovering. Rebuilding. Remembering). Students & staff will express their feelings & memories of this tragedy through music and art.

Alabama residents can also observe privately in a state-wide "Moment of Silence" on April 27 at 10 a.m. 


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