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Blog Bash 2011

There’s a lot of buzz going on about this event! The Blog Bash 2011 will take place June 22-June 24 but only the first 150 bloggers to sign up will be able to participate.

As of today (April 17th) there are 120 blogs on the list over at the Family Approve website! If you still want to get in on this, you really need to hurry up an email them to get approved!


(67 days left)

The idea behind an event such as this one is to meet new bloggers and get more followers. As people come by they will have to “blog hop” to all the participating blogs in order to submit an entry for each giveaway! For more information, please visit Family Approve to see the requirements for participating in this Bash.

I will not participate in the Blog Bash but I will be a sponsor. They are looking for people who have items to contribute to this event and in return they will do a feature post about my company/ website/ product.

This is great Advertising for me and it’s FREE!!!

Here are the items I have for the giveaway:

  1. Yoga DVD promoted by GAIAM
  2. Hello Kitty Adult Watch w/ Leather Band
  3. 4 Men’s Neck Ties w/ Ancient Greek Design (1st tie taken)
  4. Tan Chicken Towel Hook
  5. Brown Chicken Towel Hook
  6. Green Chicken Towel Hook
  7. Porn for Women (very funny, NOT pornographic!)
  8. White Garden Lamp w/ Candle (taken)
  9. Love Candle


giveAway1 giveAway2 tie2
towelHook1 towelHook2 towelHook3
giveAway4 giveaway5 giveaway6

Note: the Zeus Neck Tie is promised to Dinosaurs & Dandelions! the White Garden Lamp is promised to Airplanes & Dragonflies!

Please be advised that I will send the items to YOU if you want them for the giveaway on your blog! I don’t mind sending you some PayPal funds for you to ship it to the winner after the event is finished. I will be out of the country and won’t be able to mail the items directly to the winners. If you agree to this, email me: kryskreations@yahoo.com

I will prepare a small write-up about myself and provide my links & other information, so when you feature me on your blog as one of your sponsors, all you have to do is copy /paste! 

See you all at the Bash!!!


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