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Showing Some Love on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is dedicated to Love but it’s not only for lovers!

Love comes in many forms--- love for your children, your parents, your friends, your pets and even co-workers.

It’s an opportunity to express love & affection to those who mean the most to you but it’s also the ideal time to show some much-needed love to your Self!

Other than the traditional gifts of chocolate and flowers, think of something important that you can give yourself as an Act of Love…

Each person needs to give themselves something they really deserve; something that due to circumstances couldn’t be rewarded until now.

Last year on February 14th I decided to give me self a very big gift… It wasn’t jewelry, it wasn’t new clothes and it wasn’t perfume ---it was Quitting Smoking!

That’s right! If you’ve neglected your health, your dreams or any part of your physical or emotional well-being this is the day to (re)commit to loving yourself!

So feel the Love and always remember to be good to yourself!



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